Four Business Solutions is a Business Process Improvement company that can enhance your Finance, Supply Chain and Operational processes. We operate extensively across the globe and offer Business Process Intelligence solutions to meet your enterprise needs for financial and operational control. Four works primarily with Microsoft and Oracle-based technologies and software. Four has a wide range of technology partners and remains technology agnostic, and service is at the very centre of everything we do.

Our consultants are some of the best from the industry, with a prestigious record of supplying strategy, operations and business process intelligence applications consulting to a broad range of corporate and non profit customers.

Success Stories

RCT Homes pioneeers new social housing accounting system from Four. The new SunSystems procurement system has been key to meeting the challenge of a new and more efficient way of working.

Customer Commitment

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Four Business Solutions will always be there to support your technology solutions and infrastructure, no matter what the product or provenance.


Four Business Solutions believes that technology is an enabler, rather than an end in itself no matter what larger suppliers and systems integrators try and tell you.

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At Four Business Solutions, we recognise that one of the most important aspects of implementing a business process improvement system is to ensure that your staff are always fully trained and properly briefed on the new system.

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Individual business applications will secure improvement for your organisation. Our experience and that of our clients shows the greatest benefits are achieved when you integrate them together.

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